The beating heart of the TextielMuseum is the TextielLab, part specialised workshop and part laboratory. It's located in the old factory where 'in the same tradition as 100 years ago' the latest techniques are being implemented in order to create innovative textiles and applications. The TextielLab is the place to develop prototypes, autonomous works and exclusive productions. National and international designers, architects, artists and promising students are counselled by product developers, and technicians. That is how they discover the endless possibilities of yarns, computer assisted techniques and traditional crafts.

The TextielLab focuses mainly on interior, design and art. The following techniques are available: weaving, knitting, embroidering, tufting, passement and the laser technique.

The extensive library, museum collection and the (temporary) exhibitions, are a huge source of inspiration and research for the TextielLab client. 

To ask for an estimate of the costs you can fill in and submit our web form. Applications will be selected on motivation, innovation (technical or material) and artistry, through a committee of creative and technical team members.

design, visual arts, technology, science
Goirkestraat 96
5046 GN Tilburg