Q-O2, established in 2006, is a workspace for experimental contemporary music and sound art, with its own space within the Brussels canal zone. The workspace developed out of the contemporary music ensemble Q-O2.

In practice, Q-O2 operates at three levels: offering working residencies to artists; realizing projects in collaboration with national and international arts organizations; and presenting performances and concerts in its own space.

In musical terms Q-O2 explores three main lines of approach: acoustic and electronic improvisation and composed music as well as installation and sound art. Through its conceptual preoccupations Q-O2 creates a gateway to other disciplines.

music - sound
Koolmijnenkaai 30-34
1080 Brussel
+32 (0)2 245 48 24
Artist in Residence mogelijkheid 
QO-2 offers an artist-in-residency program