Omlab is a biobased makerslab in a professional workshop of 160m2. Make (!) the difference. Design and make with 100% respect for nature. Work with natural materials and a combination of digital and traditional craftmanship.

Do you design / make for the short run, for the future or for the landfill? Literally, make the difference by material choice, production and way of working.

Take the theory of biobased, circular, modular and reconstructable or recycling in practice. Omlab initiates innovative projects like #printbiobased. Omlab also is an open workshop for professionals (design, art, education and companies).

Omlab is surrounded by artists, designers, architects, (urban) farmers and ecologists. The biobased makerslab is part of the cultural enclave Buitenplaats Koningsweg in Arnhem (NL). Omlab is situated at former barrack grounds, next to a Nature2000 terrain and national parc de Hoge Veluwe.

production platform
Radarpad 42
6816TP Arnhem
06-16602996 (Huub) / 06-41480244 (Margreet)