Make Eindhoven

Make Eindhoven is a workplace, situated on the NRE site: A creative city neighbourhood in the centre of Eindhoven. Artists and designers can experiment here with 3d techniques and materials such as glass, metal and plastic as well as graphic techniques such as silkscreen printing, etching and lithography. They are encouraged to let themselves be surprised by the numerous possibilities, whereby they can come up with innovative results.All materials and techniques can be tried and combined.

Our goal is to support and stimulate activities for production, research and experiment. We do this by providing space, knowledge, facilities and time to allow creators to experiment with, and research the possibilities that materials and techniques can offer. We secure knowledge and skills and share this by making them accessible for the development and realization of new concepts.

design, visual arts, technology, science
Gasfabriek 12
Postadres: Postbus 1215 5602 BE Eindhoven
5613CP Eindhoven
+31 (0)40 237 09 68
Artist in Residence mogelijkheid 
Based on project proposals. Mail to for opportunities.