MAD mergent art center Eindhoven

MAD is a foundation (1995) that strives to democratize technology, initiate interdisciplinary innovation and promote social creativity with artists and scientists as a catalyst. We do this by meeting and collaborating, as a laboratory, with the technical and creative industry and other domains, makers, thinkers and groups from society. We facilitate, share knowledge and inspire, we research applications and develop open source. We realize communities, platforms, productions, exhibitions, festivals and interplanetary excursions. Our workshop / lab started as a digital media lab, now expanded with electronics, mechatronics, software, graphics, 3D printing and a maker space.Under the name Stadslab Eindhoven, we facilitate artists, designers and students with their projects, and we develop collective projects in which the encounter between disciplines and domains is an issue and social involvement plays a role.

design, visual arts, technology, science
Von Flotowlaan 1A
Postbus 6118
5600HC Eindhoven
+31 (0)40 2133032
Artist in Residence mogelijkheid 
Based on project proposal. Check for information and contact.