Grafisch Centrum Groningen

Workplace for etching, letterpress, woodcut, linocut and screen printing.

The workplace has been in existence for 60 years. At the start of the 1960’s several members of the artist’s collective ‘The Ploeg’, led by Johan Faber and Jan van de Baan decided to establish their own workplace for graphics. This enterprise combined their love of graphic art and their wish to work together.

The shared workplace started in a small way with an Alzauetlitho press, but it quickly grew and the Graphic Centre was able to offer ‘a home’ to all manner of printing presses, giving the makers access to as many techniques as they could wish for. At the end of the 1970’s the links with the Ploeg were slowly severed. Due to the amount of organization generated by the Graphics Centre it was judged better to consolidate as an independent foundation. As well as the members of the Ploeg, who remained loyal users, a younger generation of artists also found their way to the Graphics Centre.

The goals were broadened over time: as well as the ability to work independently there arose the urge to pass on knowledge. With that the seed was sewn for the flourishing offer of courses that still characterizes the Graphics Centre today. Countless students down the years have become acquainted with graphic art and many have become ‘hooked’ for life on a specific technique.



Warmoesstraat 41
9724JJ Groningen
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