FLACC realizes artistic projects, assisting artists through practical, artistic, material and financial support. FLACC offers spacious, professional workshops for metal and woodwork, a digital studio, a kiln studio for ceramics, bronze casting and glass, and two multipurpose spaces.

Within the projects reflection on the work, the position of the artist and artistic development, all play an important role. Focus on a unique interaction and extensive collaboration between FLACC and the artist, is seen as key in ensuring that the artist makes full use of the network and extensive facilities of FLACC. The selected artists build an extensive level of support and commitment beyond the working period. Crucial elements of a project are: theoretical research, diversity of workshops, input from experts, and feasibility. Production and reflection run in parallel, whereby artistic labour is in service to the realisation of new work or the development of the artist.

FLACC offers professional artists and cultural organisations the use of the facilities for a small fee. It is also possible to use large format printers, with technical assistance, if needed. An overview of the facilities and prices can be found on the FLACC website.

André Dumontlaan 2
B-3600 Genk
+32 (0)89 845 223
Artist in Residence mogelijkheid 
FLACC offers three-month artist-in-residence periods. Look for more information on the website.