Extrapool / Knust

Knust is the graphics space of the artist-run organization Extrapool, based in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. Knust represents a print and bookbinding facility, and since 1984 specialized in the stencil printing technique, also known as mimeograph or Risograph printing. Knust has everything to produce all manner of printed matter such as books, posters, (maga)zines, etc, from print to finish.

Throughout the years Knust has developed stencil printing to a new and different level, rising above expectations. Today the print workspace is home to several Riso digital stencil machines; A3+/A2 and Ricoh A3, with over 50 different colours available. Combined with the collected knowledge of prepress and print finishing equipment (bind, fold, cut), Knust has expanded production considerably. Artists work at Knust on a residency basis, DIY or through commission.

In January 2015 Knust opened a small DIY print workspace at AGA (Amsterdam’s Grafisch Atelier) in Amsterdam. Volunteers are available to assist with stencil printing, and other techniques. 

All printed matter by Knust is available (inter)nationally at various bookfairs, in shops and at the Extrapool Graphic Shop in Nijmegen.

Tweede walstraat 5
6511 LN Nijmegen
+31 (0)243601815
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