De Katoendrukkerij

The Katoendrukkerij (Calico printing workshop) in the former fulling mill De Volmolen in Amersfoort (The Netherlands) is a unique craft workshop, specialized in one of the oldest printing techniques, calico printing, also known internationally as (wood) block printing. We print with wooden hand-engraved printing blocks on textile and paper. In addition to teaching at different levels, we also offer customized (wood) blockprints and hand printed paper and textiles. We have our printing blocks made from hardwood in our workshop in India. In our collection about 900 different motifs. We regularly collaborate with other craftspeople, designers and artists in combined crafts courses, design and/or art projects. We have school projects for primary and secondary schools and secondary education. The Katoendrukkerij has training possibilities for interns. Since 2021, the craft is added to the list of the Inventory of Intangible Heritage Netherlands. The first calico printing workshop in Europe was also located in Amersfoort in the 17th century. The Katoendrukkerij recently acquired a historic collection of printing blocks from former Dutch wallpaper producer Rath and Doodeheefver (1890-1989).

Plantsoen Noord 2
3811 GH Amersfoort