Basement Press Diepenheim

Basement Press Diepenheim was founded in 2016 when a graphic workshop specializing in lithography was set up with presses and materials from the contents of the Printshop of Piet Clement, the Amsterdam lithographer and gallery owner who printed lithographs for well-known Dutch artists in the second half of the 20th century. and European artists. This makes BPD a very well-equipped stone printing company and also has the knowledge and experience of professional litho printers who master the craft. In the making room there are various presses, a cutting table, drying racks, a large number of sets of litho stones up to a size of 90 x 120 cm and various work tables. There is space for stone processing for four to six people, who can also work on the various presses at the same time. BPD is also equipped for printing woodcuts and linocuts and there is an etching press for making mono-prints, etchings and printing plate lithographs. There is a small exhibition space.

Hagen 3
7478AJ Diepenheim
+31 (0)644888951