AGA LAB is a laboratory for artists, designers and photographers who want to experiment with graphic techniques in the broadest sense. Originally created as a workshop for graphic designers in 1958, they have grown into a well-equipped studio, fascilitating (textile) screen printing, (photo) etching, lithography, letterpress printing, fine art print, analogue darkroom and risograph printing.

AGA LAB shares their knowledge and expertise by organizing master classes, workshops, lectures and presentations and actively conducts research in the use of organic inks and colours. The natural pigments for the paint get extracted from plants in the garden in the courtyard. In addition, international artists and designers can explore various graphic and crossover techniques in ink, colour and image in the artist-in-residence program. Qualified technical assistance is provided on a daily base in the workshop.

Roos van Dekamaweg 7
1061HR Amsterdam
+31(0)20 625 2186
Artist in Residence mogelijkheid 
Participation based on a project proposal. As an AiR you have 24-hour access to the workshop, in addition to the collective AGA LAB kitchen and other facilities. More info on the website.