Werkconferentie 1+ 1 =3

the workshop manager of today Fri 12 Nov. 2021

The Hague Platform Werkplaats organizes a work conference for all workplaces in the Netherlands and Flanders and other interested parties. This work conference focuses on the workshop supervisor as coach, trainer, advisor, mentor, teacher, assistant and handyman. The beating heart of a workshop is the workshop manager. Invaluable is the knowledge and experience that an experienced manager has. If the collaboration goes well, the workshop manager is an added value for the artist and through his advice/suggestions she will add value to the result. The feeling of 1 + 1 = 3.

However, how does the workshop manager relate to the DIY mentality and his years of experience? Are there alternatives in which the knowledge lies with all users and not with an administrator? Who is or what makes the workshop manager in 2021?

A day full of lectures, presentations by makers, knowledge exchange, exhibition, swap fair and meetings. The program will be announced shortly.

More info: look here. 

The conference is made possible by the Pictoright Foundation, STROOM Den Haag and all participating workplaces.

Information Work conference 1+1=3 of Platform Workshops

Location: The Hague

Tickets: €25 / (students and member Platform Workshops 50% discount)

Team Program composition: Inge Pollet (Plaatsmaken), Ranti Tjan (EKWC) and Carola van der Heijden (coordinator and Graphic Workshop The Hague)

Performance: Dagmar Foest (PR), Lula Valletta (production) and Carola van der Heijden To ask
info@platformwerkplaatsen.nl of carola@cultuurvlinder.nl


Tickets available by  deze link 

Tickets: € 25,- / (students and member Platform Workshops 50% discount) incl lunch, coffee, tea. 

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Please note: for events we kindly ask you to show a valid vaccination certificate, recovery certificate or negative test result at the entrance, WEST The Hague  follows the Covid-19 guidelines of the Dutch government.