TopMade 2014 - symposium

Summary of TOP Gemaakt / TOP Made - A symposium addressing the workshop as the centre of creative knowledge in the 21st Century.

2nd and 3rd October 2014, at the TextielMuseum and Fontys Academy of Arts, Tilburg.

'Making' is the essential core, whether considering 3D printing, bio- screen printing or the hackathon. Whilst artists and designers explore new concepts of making, technical workspaces develop facilities and expertise for experimentation and production. Technical workspaces create connections between art and design, between traditional and new techniques, between makers and clients from science and industry. TOP Gemaakt / TOP Made was organized by the Amsterdams Grafisch Atelier (AGA), Sundaymorning@ekwc, Beeldenstorm and the Frans Masereel Centre in collaboration with Dutch Culture | TransArtists, the TextielMuseum, and a network of 28 workshops in the Netherlands and Flanders.

During the symposium, Platform Werkplaatsen launched a joint venture between Dutch and Flemish technical workspaces encompassing a wide breadth of disciplines and techniques for artists and designers. The Platform established four goals in the run-up to the symposium: to highlight the significance of workshops both in and outside the cultural sector; to enable collaboration and exchange of knowledge and experience; to map technical facilities, knowledge and expertise available in the Netherlands and Flanders; and to make relevant developments within the sector accessible.

During the symposium, the development of Dutch and Flemish workshops was addressed through topical lectures and ‘best practices’ (day 1), and during working groups (day 2). The report (pdf) reflects upon these two days, outlining recommendations and summarizing on the dominant issues raised. The social relevance of workshops is central and the goal therefore is to develop a new future together.

See the complete report (pdf) in the right column (Dutch).