Lecture – The floral parade, persona of craftsmanship

By Cornel Bierens, author and artist

Craftsmanship has almost everything: a worldwide fixation, an enormous connection potential, an unyielding past, and a golden future. The only thing craftsmanship is missing is some self-reflection, which has led to its dull image. This can be remedied, in part, by building up a stronger bond with art, which suffers from the opposite fate: too much self-reflection. However, the salvation of craftsmanship comes from the manufacturing industry, which personalizes the production process by using new technologies to reduce its scale. Craftsmen and artisans have approved wholeheartedly of this change and go along with it. Perhaps, the image of craftsmanship can be remedied in a playful way simply by referring to these highly skilled craftsmen as ‘makers’.

Cadavre Exquis, Heringa en Van Kalsbeek, 2014


Cornel Bierens