Lecture – Cultural Reframing

By Dick Rijken, director at Steim

Everything is going to be different in the 21st century. That is to say, the shape of everything is going to be different. That includes art and design and how the culture-sector is organized in terms of types of players and their underlying relations.  The artistic-industrial complex that our society has developed in the past century fits perfectly together with the modernistic hierarchy of the 20th century, but not in the networking, romantic 21st century. Our human need for expression, reflection, and emotion, will grow more important, but the way we deal with these will be designed differently. We need to take what we do in the culture and carefully deconstruct it so that we can look for new forms of organizations and relationships for artistic processes. We need to reframe our own roles and search for a new place in this networking society. The good news is that signification will grow to be more important than ever, and with that growth, the need for parties who can handle that professionally. The bad news is that we have to connect with society in unfamiliar ways or in nonsensical ways straight out of the 19th century’s approach to art. The culture-sector is as out of touch with these challenges as the rest of society. We search for context; society searches for signification. But how will we organize this? And how will we pay for it?

Panel discussion with Karin Arink, Jeroen Junte, Luuk Nouwen

Dick Rijken proposes in his lecture the first step to deconstruct the current cultural practices, making it possible to think in a more relational manner about expression and reflection: Providing an interesting role for the workspaces if they succeed to connect the respective thought and practices.

Dick Rijken