Lecture – Art and craft

by Koen Brams, researcher, curator and publicist.

Workplaces often function as meeting places for artists and designers where the opportunity for intellectual exchange goes hand in hand with creative production. With that in mind, TopGemaakt offers a perfect chance for artists and designers to consider the act of creation, especially as it relates to the craft side of art and design. Where does imagining a concept end and creating a work start? At what moment is the choice of a certain technical execution made? At what moment does the artist, reaching the boundaries of their knowledge of materials, techniques and equipment, require an outside technician or craftsman? Are these (external) skills and knowledge actually understood and appreciated by the artists? In the lecture, “Art and craft”, Koen Brams will attempt to shape a better understanding of the collaboration between artists, designers, and craftsmen.

Guy Mees, portretten, 1970



Koen Brams