Day 2 - Workgroups

1. Workplace vs Museum
The National Glass Centre (UK) has a workplace, museum, and university education under one roof. Does that work? Presentation by James Bustard, director of The National Glass Centre, in conversation with Arend-Jan Weijsters, director of the Nationaal Glasmuseum Leerdam, and Bea Nieuwenhuis and Sarah van Veldhuizen, educators at the Textielmuseum. Led by Ranti Tjan (English).

2. Workplace vs Market
How does a shoe company and a producer of labels relate to experimentation and imagination? Nicoline van Enter, from Slem, and Marc Evers, from Van Engelen & Evers, will engage in conversation with Hebe Verstappen, direcotr of the TextielLab and Errol van der Werdt, director of  the TextielMuseum. Led by Femke Dekker. /

3. Workplace vs International collaboration
Tips and tricks for international collaboration based on actual experiences by Sofie Dederen, director of the Frans Masereel Centrum, in conversation with Geertje Jacobs, head of Museumzaken, and Ellen Sillekens, European Projects for the TextielMuseum. Participants are invited to think along about the added value of international collaboration. Led by Kristien van den Oever.

4. Workplace vs Society
Steim has developed projects like Juggling Sound Balls, where youth makes music by juggling sensorial balls. This new tool for the health care sector offers other perspectives for collaboration for Dick Rijcken, director of Steim. For Olga Mink, director at Baltan Laboratories, projects that engage social issues are of central importance, with projects that focus on knowledge sharing and co-creating between local communities and artists in Africa, Asia and South-America. This session will explore the experiences of two workplaces working with different kinds of organizations in society. Led by Femke Dekker.

5. Workplace vs Knowledge
Workplaces are also knowledge centers where theory and practice come together in ways that benefit artists, designers, and scientists. How is this knowledge preserved? How can others tap into it? Is it Open Source? Are patents possible? A conversation between Anna Carlgren, director of Stichting Vrij Glas, Anton Reijnders, author of The Ceramic Process, Geertje Jacobs, head of the Museumzaken, Jantiene van Elk, librarian at the TextileMuseum, Guus Boekhorts, registrar of the TextielMuseum, Led by Ranti Tjan.

6. Workplace vs Apprenticeships
Caroline Prisse, director at Tetterode Glasstudio, engages in conversation with Maarten Twigt, from Ifabrica, and student Sander van der Wal on the question of how vocational education can better connect with workplaces through, for example, longer apprenticeships. For workplaces, hiring interns is a often precious matter. How can vocational programs better connect workplaces with young adults in a way that promotes workplace knowledge and greater opportunity? /

7. Platform Workplaces
Plenary sessions with al workplaces to generate more visibility, collaboration and vision on the position of workplaces. Led by Heidi Vogels and Femke Dekker.