Day 1 - Best-practices and workshops

1. Strategies and collaboration
Christophe Knoch (Du) talks about the formation of Die Koalition der Freien Szene aller Künste in Berlin and strategies for collaboration and dialogue with local governance and policy makers. Led by Heidi Vogels (English).

2. Everyone can make anything
Marleen Stikker, director of de Waag Society, will give a presentation about crafts and technology in relation to the revolution in digital fabrication. As a next step, the project ‘Do it Yourself BIO’ will focus on creating with natural materials. Led by Femke Dekker.

3. Bakery the simplicity – Social Design by making
Designer Peik Suyling holds neighborhood workshops to tackle residents’ research issues on location. During this presentation in the bakery van at the TextielMuseum, Peik will go into detail about his methods and participants will bake bread. (Maximum of 15 participants per session). Led by Kristien van den Oever.

4. Gocco in picture
Gocco is a little, Japanese, kiddy screen-print machine. In the ‘80s, every child in Japan would make postcards with it. Japan stopped making Print Gocco in 2008. What few people know is that you can still play with them  by printing stencils with a Riso machine and using Riso- or screen-print ink. Together with Extrapool/Knust, Artist Finn Ohlund will print with a digital machine on an old analog toy. Led by Heidi Vogels. /

5. Hard and soft techniques
Presentations on technique in relation to art will focus on how technical workplaces are being used to hone artistic thinking and the working process, in the works of artist Karin Arink and the vantage point of FLACC director, Luuk Nouwen. Led by Sofie Dederen. /

6. Workplace in the city
Pilot project presentations: Froukje van der Meulen from Typecast will discuss ceramics and addiction-care; Roel Schoenmakers, initiator at Cascoland, and Kristien van den Oever, the director of Amsterdam Grafisch Atelier (AGA), will discuss working with the neighborhood; designers Alissa, Nienke and Renee Scheepers, will talk about creating social design out of material. Led by Femke Dekker. / / /

7. Workplaces and commissioning
With the goal of better positioning themselves in the museum and the market, the Textiel Lab gave the Total Table Design project to Scholten & Baijings, among others. Presentation by Suzan Russeler, curator of the TextielMuseum. Led by Lex van Lith.

Peik Suyling in Bakkerij de Eenvoud
Christoph Knoch
Joyce Guley
Luuk Nouwen