About us

Platform Werkplaatsen is a joint venture between Dutch and Flemish workshops and labs for artists and designers.

Technical workshops lead the way in facilitating craft techniques for and by artists and designers. Workshops are consistently developing, reflecting the changes in daily art practice, thereby creating innovative applications of old and new techniques. Their function has also shifted, from knowledge centre to junction within knowledge networks. This has created unexpected connections between art, science, business and society.

Platform Werkplaatsen makes this development visible and examines the position and significance of workshops by organizing symposia and meetings. Platform Werplaatsen is supported by AiR Platform NL, platform for artist-in-residence programs in the Netherlands.

Platform Werkplaatsen is committed to

1. Bringing visibility to the extensive range of technical facilities, knowledge and expertise in the Netherlands and Flanders.
2. Mutual cooperation and exchange of knowledge and experience.
3. Promoting the importance and significance of artistic workshops, in connection with art education, science, business, and social institutions.

For whom?

- Workshops for professional makers to enable experimentation and sharing of knowledge, across various techniques and disciplines.
- Arts professionals seeking facilities for the execution of projects.
- Partners looking to collaborate, such as art schools, universities, companies, social institutions, funding agencies and policy makers.


Platform Werkplaatsen operates as an informal network: a modular structure in which organized meetings, events and projects are accessible for colleagues from and across various fields.

Board members:

Hebe verstappen, head of TextielLab, Tilburg
Lex van Lith, directeur Make Eindhoven, Eindhoven


Carola van der Heijden, Grafsiche Werkplaats Den haag


In collaboration with

Heidi Vogels, coordinator AiR Platform NL, DutchCulture|TransArtists, Amsterdam

Team up?



Design Team Thursday
Technology BMA Collective

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Mondriaan Fonds
Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie